Ready for Routine Business Operations?

It’s been a tough 14 months since the pandemic started.  There have been signs of life beyond the pandemic, but it is still with us challenging businesses to get back into a routine.  We all have been impacted to some degree or other.  Is your business ready to get back into a routine, the swing of things, or in the groove?

As we continue to move through Q2 and the remainder of the year, our business environment will continue to be unstable and somewhat turbulent.  Your business continuity plan may still be needed.  You know what a business continuity plan is, right?  No?

A business continuity plan allows your business to continue to operate in times of disruption.  Disruptions can include natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, fires, etc.) within your local or regional geographic area.  Now, since we’ve all experienced a pandemic, what new challenges did your business have to cope with?  One specific area has been the impact on people.

Your business continuity plan should be updated to address these new issues that your business experienced throughout the pandemic.  Train your team in plan components, periodically test your continuity plan, and update the plan as new systems are employed in your business, as your business processes change, or new disruptions appear that you had not planned for.