Success is a Math Problem?

Direction + Clarity + Focus = Success or does Vision + Understanding + Attention = Success?  Let’s find out….

When your business has defined a direction in which you want to move toward, that vision can guide your decisions about how to get there.  Creating a strategic vision allows you to take your business from point A to point B when you execute the plan, your roadmap.

Clarity, the clearness or lucidity of understanding, becomes easy to communicate to your team, customers, suppliers – your stakeholders – because your vision is set.  Your communication sets the tone on how you want your business to operate and expand.

Focus, the ability to concentrate or keep attention, is greatly improved when a strategic vision exists.  If you want to move your business forward, into new markets, increase top-line growth, or simply keep the doors open, as a business leader or owner, you must remain focused.  Keeping the here and now top of mind, plus an eye toward the future, can enable you to remain focused on how you want to achieve your strategic vision.

Success comes when you have the direction, clarity, and focus to execute the plan(s) created to achieve your vision.  On-going communication and measurements help to understand how you are achieving success as well as keeping all shareholders informed.  Breaking your vision into smaller, attainable action plans enables execution without becoming overwhelmed.

As described here, direction + clarity + focus can help you achieve success for your business.  You can also apply these 3 actions in setting how departments operate as well as the desired interactions with customers and suppliers.  Once a direction is set for a department, say customer service, it gives clarity about how you want to treat customers when they purchase something, return an item, or just have a question.  Focus is the ability of your team to attend to the needs of your customers; the understanding they have of the policies and procedures that have been set.

Success may take many forms but staying focused on the goals set can help keep your business moving forward as you desire.  Measurements, key performance indicators, or whatever name you give them can give you guidance on how your business is doing, strategically and operationally.  Selecting those measurements that are appropriate for your business gives you insight into what’s working and what’s not.

And the answer is….[drumroll please]…..both!  Success can be achieved with appropriate plans, broad-based and frequent communication, and single-mindedness of purpose.

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