About Laurette Longmire

Laurette Longmire is the founder of Business Growth Leadership and a Certified Information Systems Auditor. She has been evaluating businesses and recommending improvements for growth for 30 years. Small business, public and not-for-profit organizations have benefited from her innate business sense and her abilities to create informed business recommendations to streamline, redesign, systematize, and improve practices for ongoing business growth.

Laurette has successfully delivered large-scale technology projects like consolidating customer service and distribution operations of three independent small business units (SBUs) into a single operating group servicing $1B in revenue or outfitting a new Group Headquarters building, consolidating 5 office locations. The project planning and execution methods she employs allows for minimal downtime to convert to the new systems or move into new office space while also addressing contingencies in case unforeseen delays occur.

She has the ability to present complex or technical topics to her clients in clear, easy to understand language. She does this by observing, listening and asking the right questions to clearly understand operations before evaluating and presenting solutions to problems. For example, while working with an Olympic sport, a non-profit corporation, she led discussion groups to understand concerns the membership had about the operating structure of the corporation. Following those meetings, she revised the corporate operating structure to streamline functions and clarify roles for systematized growth.

She has gained a wide-ranging view of the systems and operations of many businesses in a variety of industries. The knowledge she acquired through the opportunities presented to her is directly applied to address the needs of her clients.