Work - A Bad 4-Letter Word?

It depends on your viewpoint.  Work, when thought of as drudgery and difficult, can be a bad 4-letter word.  But when Work is simple to accomplish and you’re having fun, it’s a game – you’re in the ZONE!

Your attitude goes a long way toward setting a work environment that can be fun and engaging for you and your team.  Everyone can have a bad day but to be “in the Zone” where Work is effortless takes a positive mindset. 

The bad connotation of Work leads to environments that are difficult and not engaging.  The negative aspect of Work can come in many forms – from team members who do not get along with each other to the chaos created when processes or procedures are not documented to daily managing crises when no policy has been defined or is incomplete.  Does your business operate in any of these areas?

A positive meaning of Work has your team fully engaged in your business – interacting with customers in a happy, connected way; projecting confidence in their ability to work with new procedures or systems and having a positive outlook about the job they are performing because they are valued.

What is your attitude to your business – the good or bad view of Work?  If you’re not interested in arriving at your business on-time or throw up your hands because you cannot get your team to understand what they need to do, maybe you need to re-think your business and how YOU work.

Stepping back and taking a critical look at your business operation can help identify areas where improvements are needed.  If you cannot take an objective view of your business, maybe you need to engage someone who can.  Knowing that you need help is not a sign of weakness.  Athletes engage coaches, with various skill sets, to help them improve their game.  The same is true in business – some coaches help with learning new skills or identifying new methods to approach the market or streamlining operations and others offer Logistics, Customer Service, Information Technology, Human Resources services, to name a few.

If you want to have your business a place where you LOVE to go and spend all day, and want the same from your team, you should plan accordingly.  Take the time to plan, look at your business differently and learn new approaches to having a successful, growing and fun place to work.

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