How To Up Your Game

Have you ever wondered how professional sports players keep getting better year after year?  When looking for success, some of the same strategies are shared by businesses and players.

In business, you want to start with a plan on how you’ll run, operate and grow your organization.  In sport, the new season has players “returning to basics” to improve their skills for a better game.

The basics are the same for both, a foundation.  For business, the basics are the vision, mission and values/beliefs you have for your organization.  Documenting these principles becomes the foundation upon which you can plan to grow your business.

A sport’s foundation are the skills of the players and coaches. Players, with their coaches, review their training and skills to define a better, more successful season for the player in the new season.  Their foundation is periodically reviewed to ensure it is meeting the needs of the player and the team.  If skill gaps are identified, the player and coach will work out a new plan to fill the gaps – make the foundation stronger.  The coach will create a game plan after reviewing the competition to determine where the gaps are in order to exploit those gaps to win the game.

If you were involved in sport as you grew up, think about what happened as a new season began.  The coach wanted to work on the basics BEFORE you actually played the game, but you really just wanted to play the game.  Everyone wants to play the game, but those who work on the basics – review and improve their skills to set a strong foundation – will have more success when they actually start playing.

Have you jumped in to playing the game without a foundation?

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